Moment of Truth

A tribute to Lucio Dalla, the great Italian singer, songwriter, and musician from Bologna.

I freely re-interpreted the original picture.

The gaze is dreamy, turned upwards. He seeks the projection of the mind into a future that is still abstract and intangible. He knows that there is no limit to creativity, and that there is plenty of space out there to express oneself.

Covered by the beret, which resembles a shell, he hides the will to change. A change at the beginning, which shyly seeks its shape in space and time. What is perceived, but not revealed, it is nothing more than a dream that gently kicks. There is the spark, but not yet the action.

This is the time when courage is required. It is the time when we have the opportunity to show who we are.

It is the moment of our truth.

Size: 297 x 420 mm
Materials: graphite and charcoal on paper
Year: 2019

Credits: original photo by Renzo Chiesa