Hello, I’m Federico Marte – an Italian visual artist. Raised in a little village called Gambellara, I currently live in Milan.

I’ve always had a passion for drawing, since I was a little boy: I used to draw my favorite cartoons on a small notebook.

After years of stop, in 2013 I’ve started again and I’ve kept improving my skills with graphite and charcoal on paper technique. In particular, I love black and white realistic portraits.

In 2017 I was featured on Art People Gallery, a huge worldwide art community.

Born in 2021, Disegni da Marte is the space this passion can freely live and spread in.

I hope you will enjoy my art.

– Federico

P.S. For more info about me, please visit federicomarte.com


I’m a self-taught artist. I only attended the art course at the secondary school (with a great teacher). I learned everything else thanks to curiosity and practice.

I mainly use graphite pencils, from 6H to 8B, kneaded eraser, charcoal, cotton swab and… paper, of course. 🙂

At the moment, I don’t accept drawings on commission.

No, I don’t. Sorry about this.

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